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JUWAthan® plus series K professional

Load capacity: 0,875 t

Art.-Nr. 95 050 089-D
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Advantages of the JUWAthan®castor design

  • JUWAthan® plus castor design: Based on the JUWAthan® castor, the JUWAthan®-plus castor has an improved coating material and a more advanced construction. An aluminum core replaces the steel core for easier handling at the same strength. A polyurethane based coating material is bonded around the aluminum core. This construction reduces the rolling resistance and weight by nearly 30 percent.
  • We grant 5 years of warranty on operablity of our wheels except improper use or normal abrasion.
Technical data
Load capacitykg875
Outside diametermm85
Inside diametermm25
Fitting lengthmm85
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