Standard versions

Standard versions - JDC - JUNG Distribution Carrier

The JUNG tugger train system for intra-logistics offers the right tugger train for every need. A large selection of standard versionsv is available with short delivery times. We design particularly reliable and robust tugger trains for 24 hours operations.

A wide range of different versions offers different loading concepts for floor rollers and various supporting equipment for existing load carriers. Design your tugger trailers easy and fast from the modular system, the basic versions can be optimally supplemented with various additional equipment.

All JDC tugger trailers run optimally on track through all-wheel steering. As a result, tightest curve radii can be driven. This also allows the use of the tugger trailer in "grown" productions where difficult space conditions prevail. The manual versions have a very robust mechanism that is easy to maintain and easy to access. Electric lifting functions provide ergonomic handling even with heavy transport units up to 1000 kg. Lower weights up to 500 kg can also be lifted manually, with compression spring support.

The standard tugger trailers are designed for speeds up to 10 km / h. Due to the lifting of the floor rollers, there is no wear on the floor rollers, and the tugger trains are therefore very quiet.

All standard trailers can be optimally adapted to your requirements by optional equipment:

JDC Fork

  • with adjustable forks
  • wheels for outdoor use
  • weather protection
  • automatic coupler
  • safety package for connection to the towing vehicle
  • lighting package
  • hydraulic stroke
  • sprung wheels
  • and more

JDC Bridge

  • also allows loading and unloading on both sides
  • passage option and a particularly slim and clear design
  • the optional equipment is as diverse as the JDC Fork

JDC Switch

  • consists of pickup truck (base) and exchange car
  • This model works purely manually, making the switch system particularly easy to maintain and reliable
  • The turning circle is less than 5 meters

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