Tandem transport trolleys series K and G

Tandem transport trolleys series K and G

Tandem transport trolleys in case of missing center support points

Our tandem transport trolley originated from the standard trolleys of the series K and the series G. All special characteristics we could resume.

In the case of a missing middle support point of the load, you can create a 4-point support with adjustable cassettes and steering trolleys. And the highlight: without additional accessories, our tandem steering systems can also be used individually (with half of the capacity). In addition, JUNG supplies 2 towing bars for each standard tandem steering system!

All of our transport trolleys are ready for use immediately: the steering trolley is delivered with a ball-bearing supported turntable with non-slip rubber pad and drawbar. The adjustable trolley consists of 2 cassettes with connecting rod. So you can get started right away with the JUNG devices. We offer you sturdy and strong equipment, which is comparatively compact and light in relation.

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