Electrical pumps

Electric pumps

Electric pumps from JUNG Hebe- und Transporttechnik

Hydraulic pumps work according to the displacement principle. This means that they generate the pressure by constantly displacing the hydraulic oil from the tank into the pressure line and thereby lead it into the hydraulic cylinders. High pressure gives you high performance of the hydraulic system. Our range of JUNG therefore includes hydraulic pumps that are robust and ideal for the hydraulics and ensure a high level of safety. Pressure relief valves in each of our models protect the system from overload. In addition, you will also receive an external wired remote control for our electric pumps, which enables safe and easy handling. Hydraulic hoses in lengths of 1 to 15 m with non-drip quick-lock couplings enable flexible working

The advantage of electric pumps is the quick and easy operation by pressing a button. With the wired remote control you control two or four jacks at the same time. The powerful pumps are suitable for all JUNG machine jacks with 520 bar working pressure. With the precisely adjustable drain valve, the loads can also safely be lowered again. The electric pumps are conveniently and flexibly mounted on transport carts.
A big advantage of our range of hydraulic pumps is the permanent safety during use.
Almost all lifting and transport equipment is ready for delivery within 24 hours and is subject to certified quality management.

Whether compact and handy or easy to control and flexible, JUNG Hebe- und Transporttechnik can supply you with the right hydraulic pump in a very high product quality. Contact us now, our technicians will be happy to advise you!

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