JD 80 E+ VS

Designed for 4 x 20 t stroke

Art.-Nr. 04 800 405-D
- Power unit 

Advantages of Hydraulic pressure blocks

  • Synchronized lifting of multiple jacks. For loads with decentralized center of gravity. Simple and safe.
  • Uncomplicated operation via push button (remote control).
  • All slave-cylinders equipped with 520 bar safety pressure switches. Controls monitor pressure switches with LED indicator preventing any possible overloading.
  • Retracting of the hydraulic jacks also without load (JH 15 - 20 G plus EX).
  • Load independent, maintains constant lifting speed.
  • Controllable lowering speed.
  • The complete system is mobile and conveniently mounted on a cart.
  • Electrical pump JPE 46 and VS-control unit for driving individual lifting devices.
  • Clear and simple control unit, adjustable to control all or individual jacks. Configurable also for using three-point lifting system.
  • Oil volume in the system is sufficient for up to 4 pcs. JH 20 G plus / JH 20 G plus EX. Larger jacks can be operated, but you need to lift twice to reach the full stroke.
  • The cylinders in the pressure block are outfitted with spring return to retract the pistons automatically.

Here you find an application video.

Technical data
With electrical pump on a cartja
Spring returnja
Dimensions lengthmm1800
Dimensions widthmm800
Dimensions heightmm1600
Working pressurebar520
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