Lifting heavy loads safely: Hydraulic jacks, pumps and hydraulic pressure blocks

Hydraulic jacks / machine lifters

The hydraulic machine jacks from Jung Hebetechnik have a model-dependent load capacity of 6 – 30 t and, depending on the model, achieve a maximum lifting height of 620 mm. The patented swiveling safety toe of the hydraulic jacks is extremely resistant, while the specially developed slide shoe design guarantees a smooth stroke. The removable pump unit of the jacks can be serviced quickly and cost-effectively. Hydraulic machine jacks and lifting devices of the product series “JH G plus"; are offered with and without integrated pump unit.

Manual, electric and air-hydraulic pumps are available as accessories, as well as hydraulic hoses with quick couplings in various lengths.


JUNG offers you jacks with a large lifting height and a high load capacity. The load capacity of the JHS hoists is a maximum of 20 t with a maximum lifting height of 585 mm. Lifting punches enable flexible working even in confined spaces. Separate manual or electric pumps and hoses allow more safety distance to the load. Despite their low weight, the jacks have a high load capacity, which makes them ideal for use on construction sites and for frequent changes of location. Hydraulic rams can also be used horizontally for pressing.


Pressure blocks

Effective and safe - the innovative pressure blocks allow loads to be raised and lowered synchronously with a decentralised centre of gravity. All connected lifting devices are controlled automatically. The pressure block enables safe working without the risk of tipping, even with unequal load distribution. The electric control unit with remote control allows you to lift up to 80 tons per one-man handling.
A great advantage of our range of hydraulic lifting equipment is its constant availability. Almost all lifting equipment is ready for delivery within 24 hours. JUNG is ISO-certified and therefore all machine jacks are subject to certified quality management. Whether you need machine jacks or lifting punches, JUNG Hebe- und Transporttechnik supplies hydraulic jacks from its own production “Made in Germany".

Moving heavy loads safely: transport trolleys, self-propelled trolleys, hydro- transporters

Transport trolleys

JUNG offers you a large variety of transport trolleys for heavy loads up to 200 t. Starting at an installation height of 110mm, our transport trolleys fit under almost every load to be moved and are ideal for everyday use in the workshop, the warehouse and the entire operation. The trolleys are equipped with drawbars, handle and a towing eye for easy maneuvering.

JUNG also produces the ideal transport trolleys for outdoor transport. For loads up to 60 t you will find compact chassis with low weight. For heavy-duty transports, JUNG offers the H-series - just like Herkules: heavy loads of up to 200 tons can be moved with these compact trolleys. If there are transports that can not be mastered with the classic 3-point edition, JUNG also offers the right solution here. With tandem trolleys, you can create a 4-point support with chassis and steering gear, also suitable for container transports with twistlock for ISO sea containers.


Revolving transport trolleys

With revolving trolleys, the steering and turning resistance is reduced to a minimum. Revolving transport trolleys, also called rotary trolleys, rotate in all directions, even in confined spaces, the loads can be precisely aligned. Servo trolleys are a combination of gyroscope and rigid chassis, combined in one cassette. You can use multi-purpose trolleys as a steerable, adjustable or tandem trolley.


Self-propelled transport trolleys trolleys

Self-propelled trolleys offer many advantages, because you do not need a separate tractor. With the electrically or pneumatically driven trolleys, you can control loads up to 50 tons only with your thumb by remote control. The long-life batteries of the JLA-e series last many charging cycles.



The hydraulic roller transporter, short hydro-transporter consists of two transporter halves, which are laterally lashed with the strap to the cargo. Together they form a safe transport unit up to 3,8 t.

Trolleys from JUNG Hebe- und Transporttechnik GmbH offer you a high quality standard "Made in Germany".


Our strength: more ideas - accessories for forklifts and special solutions

Accessories for forklift trucks

Our range of accessories consists fork clamps, steering arms and maneuvering aids. With these products, you increase the benefits of your forklift and expands the range of application.

Forklift clamps prevent slipping of the cargo and ensure effective and fast transport. Especially goods with a decentralized center of gravity and top-heavy goods are optimally secured. Steering crossbars are perfect as a steering gear for loads from 3 t to 15 t. They are placed on the forks of the pallet truck or forklift truck, for accurately maneuvering heavy loads. With non-slip waffle rubber, even at the bottom, loads are transported quickly and safely without the need for additional tools.

The forklift hitch makes maneuvering easier, especially maneuvering backwards when the load is to be pushed. The hitch is simply placed on the forklift trucks and secured with a lashing chain, so the equipment can be maneuvered within the driver's field of vision.


Special solutions

In addition, JUNG offers many special solutions: galvanized machine lifters and galvanized transport trolleys, trolleys with white rollers for clean rooms. They are available in all weight classes. Custom-made products such as special load-bearing devices for machine lifters, extended lifting claws or straps for twistlocks. Trolleys in all load ranges with lifting device, tandem running gear with special tension and connection rods. Also very unique products according to customer specifications are possible. Whether flow production in the automotive sector or other special production processes: ask us!

Our team from JUNG Hebe- und Transporttechnik GmbH will advise you individually and will find the right solution for your transport task.


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