About us

Our strengths - more ideas!

JUNG Hebe- und Transporttechnik GmbH was founded in 1972 by Karl-Heinz Jung. The company grew continuously and in 1982 we moved into our first company-owned building with approx. 300m² in Waiblingen-Beinstein. The premises were then expanded in two stages in 1986 and 1993 respectively. Finally, in 2001 we added an additional production hall, enlarging the total production area to 1500 m².

In 2009 we took the next step and erected a new building, allowing us to bring the shipping area, finished product warehouse and the final assembly under one roof and thus optimise the production processes.

As a result, we are able to handle customer orders quicker and with higher flexibility. Due to our warehousing system and optimized processes, most orders that reach us before 11 a.m. can be shipped at the same day.



Your advantages from our services

Made in Germany

We have more than 45 years of experience in the development and manufacture of rigging equipment.
Our lifting and transport equipment has proven itself a thousand times over as essential tools in all areas in which the movement of heavy loads is required.


Repair- and maintenance service

Even after many years of use, our products are still ready for use. For this we provide maintenance and repair service, as well as replacement parts.


Custom solutions

We solve uncommon lifting and transport problems by custom solutions - safe, fast and cost effective.


ISO 9001 Certification

State of the art CNC technology, advanced welding robots and a certified quality management system (DIN EN ISO 9001) assures a consistently high level of product quality. Each product is subjected to a pre-shipment function test and receives a test badge displaying the next maintenance check due date.


ISO 9001 Certification
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We provide a 5 year warranty on all jacks and transport trolleys when products are used as directed – except for JLA-e, we provide 1 year warranty or 1000 operating hours.



Almost all standard products are in stock 365 days a year. Orders are usually ready for dispatch within 24 hours.

The environment

We meet our ecological responsibilities in our daily work flow. We utilize our own solar power, employ power from regenerative energy sources and have examined our ecological accountability under the Ecofit project.


Social Commitment

We are part of Waiblingen and support regional, social and non-profit organisations. For example, the city of Waiblingen, the Waiblinger Tafel or the SPORTPUNKT, the sports club centre of the Spvgg Rommelshausen and the women’s handball team of the Waiblingen Tigers.


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