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JHS 5 - hydraulic jack without pump and hose

Load capacity: 5 t
Stroke: 240 mm

Art.-Nr. 01 020 050-O
- Hydraulic jacks 

Advantages of jacks – Series JHS

  • 180° revolving housing, this allows the jack to be placed with long or with short feet to the load, if there is no space under that.
  • Extra-large lift height: JHS 5 with lift toe 240 mm, with top plate maximum 580mm.
  • Can also be used horizontally for pressing.
  • Safe: because of the use of a separate pump and hoses, more safety distance to the load.

Here you find an application video.

Technical data
Load capacity on top platekg5000
Minimum lift toe heightmm15
Maximum lift toe hightmm240
Top plate heightmm350
Maximum top plate heightmm580
Toe width frontmm45
Toe depthmm40
Diameter top platemm60
Length toe supported without handlemm170
Length toe exposed without handlemm220
Cylinder volumeL0,3
Technical drawing
  • JHS 5 Top view
  • JHS 5 Front view
  • JHS 5 Side view
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