[Translate to Englisch:] Hebegeräte Serie JH-G plus EX

JH 30 G plus EX - hydraulic jack without integrated pump unit

Load capacity: 30 t
Stroke: 200 mm

Art.-Nr. 11 630 106-G
- Hydraulic jacks 

Advantages of jacks – Series JH G plus EX

  • Integrated spring return retracts piston automatically on JH 15 up to JH 30 G plus EX.
  • Slide shoe design inside the guiding track prevents twisting of the piston inside the lifting cylinder. This guarantees better force distribution, less friction and reduced wear compared to conventional jacks.
  • Reduced maintenance costs due to removable stroke unit and easy to change slide shoes.
  • Extremely lightweight with high performance due to the use of highquality material and innovative design.
  • Continuous adjustment to the load due to swiveling safety toe. Secure stableness in every situation even in lifted position.

Here you find an application video.

Technical data
Load capacity on top platekg30000
Minimum lift toe heightmm20
Maximum lift toe heightmm304
Lift toe adjustmentmm5 x 71
Top plate heightmm420
Toe width frontmm80
Toe depthmm64
Length feet in frontmm380
Length feet on sidemm370
Cylinder volumeL1,27
Technical drawing
  • JH 30 G plus Ex Top view
  • JH 30 G plus Ex Front view
  • JH 30 G plus Ex Side view
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