Industrial hydraulics

Components of industrial hydraulics: pumps, cylinders and accessories from Jung

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Generating big forces - in the field of industrial hydraulics there are solutions for fast and effective work processes. But which pumps and cylinders are best suited as hydraulic power units for maximum performance and a perfect result? JUNG offers you the suitable products to improve your working process through the advanced technology of industrial hydraulics. These products are all made with quality materials and constant quality controls.

The right cylinder for every load  

JUNG has the right cylinders for your application in industrial hydraulics. Hydraulic cylinders for various loads up to a maximum of 100 t and in different shapes, materials and sizes are part of the assortment. Single-acting cylinders (load capacity 4,5 t to 94,5 t) have the advantage that the polished cylinder surface protects the seals and the hard chrome plated plunger prevents against corrosion.

In addition to the single-acting cylinders, we also offer the following cylinders in the product range: Aluminum cylinders (load capacity up to 30 t up to 100 t), flat body cylinders (load capacity up to 29.9 t up to 140 t) and also low profile cylinders (load capacity up to 90 t)

Various pumps of industrial hydraulics

In the assortment of JUNG you will find different types of hydraulic pumps with individual advantages. Hand pumps - with a two-stage hand pump you can get up to the load to be lifted faster. An pressure relief valve also protects the units from overload and a holding valve prevents the subside of the load. Our hand pumps also have an ergonomically shaped handle on the pump lever and a convenient oil fill port. A large handwheel on the lowering valve ensures a sensitive release of the load.

In some cases hand pumps in aluminum design are available. These are lighter and optimally protected against corrosion.

Other hydraulic pumps, such as the powerful and robust foot pumps, the air-hydraulic pumps or even various electric pumps are part of our product range.

Different accessories for industrial hydraulics

A remote control for hydraulic power units enables the comfortable switching on and off of hydraulic systems over a cable length of 2 meters. For a perfect result and a quick work process, JUNG also has the following accessories and spare parts for use in hydraulic systems. These are: hydraulic couplings and hoses, pressure gauges and connection fittings as well as screwed connections. The products are convincing by robustness, longevity and quality.

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