Lifting bags

Lifting bags

Pneumatic lifting bags are used for lifting, moving, distributing and fixing loads. Due to their low initial thickness and low weight, they are easy to manoeuvre even in difficult positions and are required where uniform surface pressure is required.

Pneumatic lifting bags are resistant, safe and reliable in use. They have proven themselves in a wide variety of areas in industry, civil defence, maintenance and construction. Thanks to the low installation height, the cushions can be used additionally or alternatively. Even in places where there is no space available for conventional lifting equipment. Compared to hydraulic lifting tools, they require little storage space when not in use.

Lifting bags are characterised by very high strength, high impact strength, high elongation at break and good vibration damping and are also very heat and fire resistant.

We offer the following variants: High-pressure flat lifting bags, high-pressure lifting bags and low-pressure lifting bags.

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